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Hideyo Harada studied in Tokyo, Stuttgart, Wien and Moscow.

Competitios: first prize in "Concours d'Execution Musicale de GenÚve" (1984 GenÚve); second prize in Klaviermusik des 20. Jahrhunderts (1991 Wien); first prize in Internationalen Schubert Wettbewerb (1991 Dortmund) Hideyo Harada played in most significant music centers in Europe, Russia, Eastern Asia. She performed at Grandpiano Festival in Amsterdam, Festival international des jeuness solistes, Antibes, Ludwigsburger Schlo▀festspiele, Yokohama International Piano Festival, Rachmaninov Festival Tambow - Russia. Hideyo Harada regularly plays with Orchestre de Suisse Romande, Orchestra RAI Torino, NHK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.

From 1988 to 1993, Hideyo Harada was the Professor at Konservatorium fŘr Musik and Dramatische Kunst Wien. In 1998 Hideyo Harada debuted in Czech Republic at the Chopin Nocturno ináBrno.


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