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Repertoire Causa Bibendi: Light classical salon music from the turn of the century, Romantic "dance hall" music of the 1920s and 1930s, Pop standarts from the "swing era", Hollywood film and Brodway show tunes, International melodies from around the world.

Guy Lombardo, the famous bandleader, described his music as "the sweetest this side of heaven", only because he had never listened to the Causa Bibendi salon orchestra.

The Causa Bibendi presents its entire repertoire with extraordinary ease and overwhelming charm, The Causa Bibendi salon orchestra plays authentic Black jazz music as well as the sweet & hot dance music of the American jet set with an equal noblesse and unusual drive.

An exquisite performance is guarenteed by the classical musical training of all the musicians. The Causa Bibendi salon orchestra productions are designed to meet the sophisticated taste of the cream of society.

The music of Causa Bibendi salon orchestra is particularly suitable for background music at dinner, after - dinner dancing, receptions, banquets, formal ballsand light concerts.The sound quality of the orchestra favours the acoustics of intimate enviroments, but larger venues can be accomodated with amplification.


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